Allon Silove is a professional mix engineer and music producer based in Australia

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I don't change your music; I aim to make it shine”

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Allon will work with your recorded and produced stems and tracks to make your music sound deeper, wider, brighter and more energetic. As a mix engineer, his focus is on making your music sound as good as it possibly can so it stands up proudly next to any major artist's music, 

MIXING & mastering (complete)

From $350 AUD per song

INC. 3 rounds of changes (MIX A, B, C & D)


$125 per song (Single)

$99 per song (3 +)

$75 per song (9 +)

Mixing Only

From $200 AUD per song 

INC. 3 rounds of changes (MIX A, B, C & D)

Listen to some of my work...

I already mixed my own track! Why do I need a Mix Engineer?

Mix Engineering is equal parts science and art.
I bring over a decade of experience mixing other people's music for commercial release when I mix your track.
You have already spent countless hours working on your music; now let me apply my professional audio engineering expertise to your work and make it stand up sonically next to any track released by a major label.

I don't change your music; I make it shine!


How does it work?

A deposit of $100.00AU is required in order for work to commence. The deposit will be subtracted from the total final fee.

- No limit on stems/tracks supplied
- Direct consultation with you for confirmation of first mix (Mix A)
- 3 rounds of revisions (Mix B, C & D)
- Multiple mixes can be supplied ('No Vox' TV mix, Drums up, etc.)


1. I can mix using your existing guide mix OR mix completely starting from scratch

2. I use a full Mix-to-Master process. You receive a commercially competitive Master that is ready for digital release. Please let me know if you intend to also use a mastering house or mastering engineer and your mix will be supplied to the appropriate output format and specifications.

3. Your song / musical composition will need to be supplied via a download proxy link (dropbox, etc.) as uploaded stems or individual tracks ( .WAV files only - exported / bounced as minimum 44.1 kHz Sample Rate and 24 Bit Depth. All stems need to start from 0:00 ). 

4. First and subsequent revision mixes are supplied as hi-res mp3 files with occasional inserted audio protection. Your final mix is released by download upon full payment being received. Final masters are supplied as a Stereo .WAV  44.1 kHz Sample Rate and 16 Bit Depth and a hi-res 320 kbps mp3. Final Mixes (No mastering) are delivered in the received-from-client session audio Sample Rate and 24 Bit Depth.

5. If you require I mix from scratch, please provide an additional stereo mix of your track as a guide for the basic style or feel (It's OK if it's rough, I'm not expecting you to be a mix engineer)

6. Please also provide 2-3 reference tracks of other previously released material from your act or a commercially released recording by other acts that you wish to be compared to, that I can use as a further style guide. Youtube links are fine.

7. Pricing does not include audio repair, production (quantising, drum sample replacing) or pitch correction. These services are charged at the hourly rate and are available on request.




  • Drums - quantising, re-sampling, replacing
  • Vocals - pitch correct, performance enhancing
  • Scoring and Composition : Strings, Orchestration, Synths
  • Sound Design: TV, Film, Radio, Theatre

$125.00 AUD per hour


    STAR TRAVELLER produced by Allon Silove and Huw Jones - 2017


    THIS MESS by Veiins - 2017 - Mixed and Mastered by Allon Silove